Esox Masquinongy immaculatus, Tiger Muskellunge
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Mac's Outdoors is a small outdoor outfitter that specializes in handmade spinnerbaits and crank baits. We are also an authorized dealer for Mepp's, Suick, and Cisco Kid. All our lures are made from the finest quality materials. You can rest assured that when you deal with Mac's Outdoors you are dealing with a company that is dedicated to the great outdoors and all the enjoyment and success possible on the lake and in the field.
My name is P.A. McCaffery and I am the founder and owner of Mac's Outdoors. I am a
Mepp's Master and Expert Angler. I make my home in Waukesha, Wisconsin which is
in the middle of some of the best fishing and hunting in North America if not the
world. I have been an outdoor enthusiast for my entire life. My love for the outdoors
started at an early age. I was camping in the North Woods of Wisconsin before I
could walk. My family has been camping at the same place for sixty years and God
willing we will still be there sixty years from now. As I grew, my interest in the
outdoors also grew and soon I became a fishing fanatic. My two grandfathers had a
great influence on my life and they both loved to fish the waters of Wisconsin. By the
time I turned twelve fishing, hiking, camping, and shooting were my favorite things to
do. In my late teens I became increasingly more interested in hunting, but fishing,
was then and still is, the outdoor activity that has me hooked. By the time I was thirty
I was relentlessly pursuing the king of fish, the musky. In Wisconsin the musky
reigns supreme and our lakes are some of the best anywhere in the world for trophy
musky. At this time in my fishing career I was using buck tails as my primary artificial
bait and as any good fisherman would, I began to improve on the design. The result
of my modifications are the Mac Attack and the Mac Attack Jr. While very similar to
the traditional buck tail the difference lies in the materials used and the fact that
every one is handmade one by one.
Mepps Authorized Dealer