Esox Masquinongy immaculatus, Tiger Muskellunge
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Our Musky and Northern Pike spinner baits are made with the harsh conditions of trophy Musky and Pike fishing in mind.  
Our bait bodies and brass beads are machined from marine grade brass to add a higher degree of durability and quality.  All
our bait bodies and beads are solid brass not hollow like some manufacturers.  To further increase the durability of our baits
the shank.  The stainless steel wire provides superior corrosion resistance.  The heavier wire allows our baits to handle the
hardest strikes from the biggest fish without bending and tweaking.  We use wire clevises as opposed to the cheaper folded
clevises.  The wire clevis provides smoother rotation for the blade and thus more flash.  We use real glass faceted beads.  
Faceted glass beads add eye-catching color and flash that plastic beads just can't replicate.  On the Mac Attack a nickel plated
Our bait bodies and brass beads are machined from marine grade brass to add a higher degree of durability and quality.  All
brass magnum willow leaf blade is used.  The magnum willow leaf blade provides easier start-up and because the surface
area of the blade is greater the flash is increased greatly.  The Mac Attack Jr. uses a brass fluted French blade.  Finally we
dress the premium Mustad treble hook with a silicone breather skirt or plastic trailer.  The silicone breather skirt is used for
several  reasons.  First, the silicone breather skirt greatly increases the baits action  and the more action a bait produces the
more fish it attracts.  The silicone skirt also improves the bait's castability.  Traditional natural hairdressings soak up water
like a sponge, which makes the lure very hard to cast effectively in windy conditions.  In contrast, the silicone breather skirt
absorbs no water and thus, the bait is much easier to cast where you want  whether the wind is blowing or not.  All in all,
the superior quality of our baits be seen and felt.
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